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Universal coupling

Author: Jiangsu Baoye Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. date:2018-11-23 16:36:16

1. Types included in universal coupling:

SWP, SWC Type Cross Shaft Universal Coupling Cross Pack JB/T7341-94

Cross-shaft universal coupling JB/T7846.2-95 for straightener

WS, WSD Type Cross Shaft Universal Coupling JB/T5901-91

WSH Sliding Bearing Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling

SWZ Type Cross-Shaft Universal Coupling with Integral Bearing Seat JB/T3242-93

SWP Type Cross Shaft Universal Coupling JB/T3241-91 for Split Bearing Seat

SWC Integral Fork Crosshead Universal Coupling JB/T5513-91

Slider Universal Coupling JB/T7846.1-95 for Correction Machine

2. Connection Method of Universal Coupling

Universal coupling uses high strength bolts and self-locking nuts to connect flanges at both ends to other mechanical components. Its torque is transmitted by the friction force between flange end keys and flanges. The connection dimensions and bolt pre-tightening moments of SWP type are stipulated in Figure 3 and Table 3, while those of SWC type are stipulated in Figure 4 and Table 4.

Bolts can only be inserted from the flange side matching the coupling. The nuts are tightened by the flange side of the universal coupling. The mechanical properties of the bolts conform to grade 10.9 in GB3098.1, and the mechanical properties of the nuts should conform to grade 10 in GB3098.4.

3. Use and Maintenance of Universal Coupling

1. Before the universal coupling is installed, the two ends should be cleaned and the matching conditions of the key grooves on the ends should be checked, but the screw should be tightened and no loosening should be allowed.

2. After the universal coupling is installed, it will run normally in one shift and check all fastening screws. If loosening is found, tighten them again with the prescribed tightening moment, so as to repeat several shifts so as to ensure that they will not loosen.

3. The sliding surface, cross head and bearing of universal coupling are guaranteed to lubricate. Generally, the oil is refuelled by 2 # industrial lithium grease or 2 # molybdenum-calcium disulfide grease for 500 hours continuously under normal conditions, and the oil is refuelled intermittently for 2 months. If the oil is refuelled once a week at high temperature, screw the oil hole screw on the end face of the bearing when refueling. Next, inject with high pressure oil gun until overflow.

4. Universal coupling must be maintained once in three months. If normal wear phenomena such as indentation are found, it should be replaced in time.

5. In order to prolong the service life of universal coupling, the cross shaft is rotated 180 degrees during maintenance, disassembly and washing, so as to achieve the alternate use of the Journal force;

6. Long-term overloading and operation accidents should be avoided.

7. During the operation, we should often observe the abnormal radial oscillation of universal coupling and bearing heating, and find out these phenomena and repair them in time.

8. Appropriate protective measures shall be adopted in all places where personal and equipment accidents may occur due to the running universal coupling.