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The world is always new, but change is eternal. Nowadays, the environment of enterprises is changing rapidly, and their survival and development are facing many tests. Looking back at the ups and downs of the world economy in the past decades and the success or failure of many enterprises, we deeply feel that only enterprises with innovative spirit and adaptability to environmental changes can maintain their youth and vitality forever.

2007 is a very unusual year in the development process of coupling manufacturer of Jiangyin Baoye Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. The company continues to take value promotion as its orientation, and has achieved satisfactory business results. Various strategic issues have been actively promoted, management quality has continued to improve, and the overall work has made new progress. The achievements of the company's insistence on promoting market-oriented strategy and management improvement project in recent years have been evidently reflected and realized in the new century. A good start. In the process of reform and development in 2004, the company has received great love from all sides. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the relevant government departments and friends from all walks of life at home and abroad who have given Jiangyin Baoye Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. concern and support.

After joining the WTO, China's economy is accelerating its full integration with the world economy, and all aspects of social life are facing profound changes, which also brings unprecedented development opportunities and challenges to Chinese enterprises, including Jiangyin Baoye Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. Facing the new wave of comprehensive competition and cooperation, Jiangyin Baoye Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. will comply with the requirements of the development of the times, as always adhering to the concept of "honesty, cooperation, good at learning; earnest, innovative and pursuing excellence", and insisting on "cultivating a kind of ability, carrying out two extensions and establishing three pillars". The market-oriented strategy, advancing with the times and striving for success, comprehensively enhancing the core competitiveness, constantly pursuing higher goals and maximizing the value of enterprises, will make new contributions to the prosperity of China's economy and the development of the global economy.

In today's world, it has become a consensus to achieve win-win situation by strengthening communication and cooperation. We sincerely hope to work hand in hand with old and new friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to achieve common value promotion and innovation. Thank you!