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WG series coupling

Author: Jiangsu Baoye Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. date:2018-11-23 16:26:00

WG series products models are:

WG Drum Tooth Coupling

WG type drum gear coupling has two types: I type and II type. Type I is suitable for WG1-WG24 and Type II for WG1-WG14.

Main Dimensions of WG Drum Tooth Coupling

Model Specification: WG1-WG24

Nominal Torque Tn:710-1250000N.m

Axle hole diameter: 14-520 mm

Axle Hole Length: 32-800mm

Coupling Outer Diameter: 122-1060 mm

Outer diameter of inner gear sleeve: 98-925 mm

External gear neck diameter: 60-730mm