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UL tire coupling

Author: Jiangsu Baoye Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. date:2019-7-12 10:44:20

UL tire coupling is a kind of high-performance elastic coupling. Because the elastic element is a whole tire body, the tire coupling has excellent shock absorption and shock absorption, good offset compensation performance between axles, easy disassembly and assembly, no lubrication, easy maintenance, long service life and other advantages. The working temperature of the tire coupling is high. - 20-80 degrees centigrade, transfer torque 10-20000N.M. Tyre coupling is suitable for humid, dusty, impact, vibration, positive and negative rotation changeable and frequent starting work environment components.

The standard half-tire coupling structure is K-type, which can be no longer marked in the expression.

Rubber components (tyres) of the tire coupling are bonded to the metal pressure plate vulcanization, and bolts are used directly to connect the two-half coupling when assembling.

Flexibility, Damping and Compensation

Simple structure, easy assembly, no need to move axially when changing tire body

Disadvantage: The radial dimension is huge. With the increase of torsion angle, considerable axial force will be produced on the main and follower axes.