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GYD Flange Coupling-Coupling

Author: Jiangsu Baoye Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. date:2019-7-12 10:56:24

GYD flange coupling has been highly praised by customers since its production, and its quality is excellent. The material of flange coupling can be made of gray cast iron or carbon steel. Cast steel or forged steel can be used under heavy load or when the circumferential speed is greater than 30 m/s. Flange coupling requires high neutrality of two axes. When there is relative displacement between the two axes, additional load will be generated in the parts, which will worsen the working condition. This is its main disadvantage. However, due to its simple structure, low cost and large torque transmission, it is often used when the speed is low, impact-free, the rigidity of the shaft is large and the neutrality is good.

Flange couplings are rigid couplings, which connect two half couplings with flanges with two axes respectively by ordinary flat keys, and then connect the two half couplings with bolts to transfer motion and torque. This coupling has two main structural forms:

(1) The two axes are aligned by bolts in hinged holes, and the torque is transmitted by the bolts bearing extrusion and shearing.

(2) It is centered by matching the convex shoulder on one half coupling with the groove on the other half coupling. The bolts connecting the two half couplings can be used with the ordinary bolts of class B, and the torque is transmitted by the friction moment of the joint surface of the two half couplings.